My relationship with Jesus

a year ago we took baptism lessons as parents to baptize our second child, classes that we found unnecessary and boring. In our culture and country the godfather and mother were the ones taking classes not us.

but HE sure wanted us to take it. i don’t know how or why but at the end of those lessons the father handed me a book, when I read the title of the book I got chills and almost cried.

that was the beginning of my connection with HIM.

I have to say, in all this years I have never though of HIM, I never new his story, I am 38 years old, raised catholic, prayed to Virgin Mary and GOD all the time, I have images of them around my house, I don’t go to church that often though.. at least not yet. the thing is, I  knew about HIM, but I never knew his story, as an adult I didn’t take the time to think of him, to me it was praying to GOD and “La Virgencita Milagrosa”

I started reading this book, and it got me hooked up and I stuck to it almost until the end, I have not finished yet. But it sure opened up another chapter of my life.

I have found a new relationship with HIM, I enjoy so much my early morning walks talking to him, ( I don’t do them as often as i want to though) I started to listen to a Podcast called “the bible recap” and I even got a Bible! I never had one of those in my adult life. shocking right?

This Easter was the first one I felt and I thought about HIM and what HE did for us, I watched movies about it. I feel now I like to know more, I have so many questions, I even struggle with the idea of him as a person, a person who actually lived here in this world. I know I shouldn’t have, I  feel HIM and all the blessings, but when I think of that I clinch my face.

You would say is a good start for me that in only one year I have done and prayed more than ever before, I guess I have to have patience and let the time helps me grow my faith and trust.

I just want to say that: praying and talking to HIM, trusting HIM has brought me purpose, peace and a reason to live. I have lived for so long numbed; on repeat; on routine on everybody else’s motion and decision’s that now I feel better, today I feel so much better than yesterday FOR SURE! and I am not even there yet. so I thank Jesus Christ for that.

religious wall art inside building

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